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Redbud Technology is actively evolving the design and engineering of an urban commuting Personal Transport Vehicle (PTV-G™) based on the plan form of a delta trike.The REDBUD™ PTV-G™ will serve as an educational resource to help technical high school, community college and university students develop and analyze advanced single passenger commuting concepts which includes fundamental 3D CAD/CAE/CAM, design, innovative engineering and economical manufacturing, assembly, and lifecycle maintenance.


Redbud Technology Projects

The primary ongoing Redbud Technology project is the PTV-G™ project, a joint collaborative effort between Soneet Inc and PhilpoDesign. Within the PTV-G™ project are a number of significant technology subsystems that are unique to the PTV-G™ project. These subsystem examples are discussed in the following sections.

It should be noted that these examples are meant to be an inspiration to and/or a starting point for other designers in order to advance these technologies. Therefore, only sufficient detail is provided to understand the subsystem/concept but not sufficient detail to replicate the specific PTV-G™ subsystem.

Finally, Redbud Technology does not accept liability for any attempt/s to replicate the described subsystems that might result in any personal injury to the technology developer/replicator and/or user.  All systems, assemblies, components and parts should be designed, engineered, developed or produced using professional methods and processes recognized by the highest standards of professional practice of the respective professions relating to safety, structural integrity and environmental responsibility consistent with federal and state laws relating to professional engineering.   By using any information on this website, user fully agrees with all conditions displayed on the Website Use & Contact page.

A. Articulation Geometry:

B. Pneumatic Steering:

C. Lean/Tilt Geometry:

D. Drive Train Concept:

E. Cockpit Joystick Controls:

F. Cockpit Operational Display:

G. Subsystem Electronic Interconnectivity:


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